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  • Sour Tsunami #3 high CBD
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Sour Tsunami S1 (fems)


Sour Tsunami #3 x Sour Tsunami #3 (fems)


Feminized cannabis seeds



The mother and father of this cross are not strangers to one another, nor are they acquaintances, or even good friends. They aren’t siblings either, or relatives at all… The mother and ‘father’ of this cross are the EXACT same plant, sharing precisely the same DNA… They are both the legendary Sour Tsunami #3, our favorite high-CBD variety of all time, crossed back to itself.

Originally hailing from Southern Humboldt, Sour Tsunami #3 has been around for a decade or more. Having diesel parents (Double Diesel x Ferrari) x Sour Diesel), her growth structure reflects that, as does the aroma — a surprisingly pleasant, lime-fuel, slippery-with-terpenes funk. The Sour Tsunami #3 phenotype that we have tests regularly at a 20:1 ratio, with over 10% CBD and as little as 0.45% THC. This cross being an S1, (a first filial generation cross of itself), and feminized, these plants will be uniform in appearance with slightly variable CBD percentages. This should be considered a high-CBD cannabis variety by all standards.

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6-pack, 12-pack