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Annunaki Genetics, established in 2012, is a professional cannabis seed company on a mission to help seed planet Earth and its Earthlings with some of the worlds finest and most unique cannabis hybrids.

Born with a verdant heart, a natural green thumb, and a keen eye for spotting exceptional plants, Adam, the chief-breeder of Annunaki had no trouble introducing varieties that became highly acclaimed in the industry, including 2 cannabis cup wins in 2017 and 2018. When it comes to the creation of new life Adam is a master of his craft, always placing genetic excellence and sheer garden performance above all else.

Annunaki Genetics is proud to operate with transparency, integrity, and the utmost professionalism, holding themselves and those they align with to the highest standards. The Annunaki team is committed to being the change they wish to see in the industry.

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