Annunaki Genetics cannabis seeds and partner brands have moved! All seed packs can now be purchased at Seeds.For.Me. which is run by the same owners as AG seedbank!

The checkout and shop pages have been disabled on the Annunaki Genetics website. Orders can no longer be placed. All photos and text are posted for informational purposes only.


Welcome to Annunaki Genetics Cannabis Seed Co. We have a long rooted history of elite cannabis cultivation, which today continues that tradition of patient toil, dedication, and seasoned expertise in the breeding of only select and choice varietals.

Annunaki Genetics, established in 2012, embodies the passionate tale of its founder; a human drawn to the garden. What began as an infatuation for growing garden shrubs and ornamental flowers, quickly developed into a deeper appreciation of horticulture for a young man then only in his 20’s. Adam had a natural green thumb with a verdant heart to match, and a remarkably keen eye for spotting exceptional plants. He was drawn to cannabis for its myriad effects on his well-being, and began to shift his life to work more closely with cannabis plants. Breeding soon came naturally to him and before long he had numerous varieties that were highly acclaimed in the industry, including Pink LemonAid, Strawberry Mamba, Huckleberry Soda, and a CBD cultivar he named Sour Cyclone that has already won twice at two different High Times cannabis competitions.
For Annunaki Genetics, validation comes from gardens both near and far where AG seeds have been grown-out by hobbyists and professional growers alike who have reflected their positive experiences back to the AG team confirming the inherent genetic quality of Annuanki Genetics cannabis seeds. AG continues to pursue their breeding endeavors today with a forward thinking mindset and industry improving practices while staying true to their mission of seeding planet Earth with some of the worlds finest cannabis hybrids.

With our select genetics and meticulous breeding practices, our knowledge, experience, and artistry of our craftsmanship in fruiting aromatic, flavorful, and effective medicinal cannabis strains we declare to you, our discriminating customers, our commitment to pursue what we state above by staying true to our core  values, mission, and vision.

Please visit our ‘About Us’ page to learn more about our history, and our breeding style and standards.


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