Annunaki Genetics – Cannabis Seed Co. and Seedbank

Welcome to Annunaki Genetics, the U.S. based cannabis seed company & seed bank. We have a long rooted history of elite cannabis cultivation, which today continues that tradition of patient toil, dedication, and seasoned expertise in the breeding of only select and choice varietals.

Given the mind-shift of attitudes towards cannabis in the United States and elsewhere in the world today, we strive to pursue our mission to seed planet Earth with some of the worlds finest cannabis hybrids; with our select genetics  from meticulous breeding practices, knowledge, experience, and the artistry of our craftsmanship in fruiting aromatic, flavorful, and effective medicinal cannabis strains. To you our discriminating customers, we declare our commitment to pursue what we state above by staying true to our core  values, mission, and vision. Let us unite to seed the planet and watch each other grow.


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