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  • sri lanka cottonmouth marijuana seeds

Sri Lankan Cottonmouth


Sri Lankan Cottonmouth


Sri Lanka S1 x Old School Cottonmouth


Natural/regular cannabis seeds



Mother: Sri Lanka S1, preserved in feminized form by Snow High seeds, was grown out and pollinated by an Old School Cottonmouth male. Plants can flower for up to 24 weeks! At 12 weeks into flower there are only pistils to show for it, but she persists and turns into a beautiful equatorial cannabis plant with thin drug-type sativa leaves, sticky branches and the buds, even from the onset, have a classic turpentine-type aroma.

Father: Old School Cottonmouth is an old school strain that is sativa dominant with a reasonable 10-11 weeks flowering time. The buds are pillow-like for most of the cycle, but fill in much more towards the end, and they are huge!

One can expect a wide range of flowering times from the Sri Lankan Cottonmouth seeds, ranging from 11 to 18+ weeks. Large plants with a crazy amount of lateral branches, and a classic equatorial, old-school sativa look, taste, and high!

*Because of the nature of the Sri Lanka mother parent, one might find slight sexual instability among the phenotypes of these seeds.

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