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Sweet Mother of God (fems)


Gelato 33 x White IX


Feminized cannabis seeds



During our new plant trials in 2018 we ran many popular, big-name plants and the two that stood out above the others were Forbidden Fruit and Gelato 33. We were extremely impressed with them. By the time we secured Gelato 33 I’m sure everyone and their uncle already had it, and that’s not too unusual as we usually let plants come to us, rather than seek them out. To us, when everybody is growing a specific cannabis variety that’s a good thing because it usually means that plant has stood the test of time. And cannabis cultivars that folks gladly grow for years on end is really the only kind of plant we want to work with anyways! I guess you could say we have the simplest of tastes… as we are satisfied with the best. Gelato 33 has undoubtedly proven to be one of the best, with multiple world-class breeders using her in their crosses… she has now become world-renowned.

‘Father’/female pollen donor: White IX, the pollen-donor parent of this cross, was bred by Cannarado many years ago. We found this phenotype from seed 4 or 5 years ago ourselves and she’s been a garden stand-out ever since. The fact that we chose her for our very first feminized seed release says a lot! During our very first run though we weren’t quite sure about her because she seemed to grow kinda slow during the vegetative cycle and in flower too, but during weeks 6 through 9 she really put on quite the performance, more than compensating for the shortcomings we thought she might’ve had! Our bad. We were quick to judge and she showed us just how quick she can stack fat buds on those stocky branches of hers. The flowers continued to swell until they toppled over, paying no mind to the support stakes that were tied to them. The leaves generally remain dark green and canoe-upwards because of the resin-rails that encrust the edges of the leaves. The flowers are dense, heavy, and smothered in trichomes. And what about the aroma? She has a loud, deep, dank, pine-skunk, acetone nose… the one that so many folks are fond of. these days. The thing that is so special about her though is that unlike many OGs or Cookie varietals that grow tall and lanky, this lady keeps to herself, staying on the shorter, more compact side throughout her life, which we love. Her many highly desirable traits really shine through in this feminized cross, and others.

Sweet Mother of God is a transcendent name for the harmonizing of two timeless cultivars. A quick sniff, touch, and a look at these buds… gasp! These buds are so effing nice that folks usually skip the typical exclamatory phrases like, “Holy crap”, “Sweet Jesus” and “Oh my God” and go straight to the mother of all religious phrases itself: “Sweet Mother of God…” We could tell you about how fantastic these plants are all day long and we could even show you photos, but none that would really give justice to the complex terpene profiles these plants create, or just how sticky the flowers are during peak flower, and there are certainly no photos or words that could truly embody the head-high and body-stone you’ll experience after partaking in these buds. Just one hit has the potential for you to trip down the rabbit hole and start contemplating some of lifes core paradoxes, like “Who is the Mother of God?”


Gelato 33

(Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC)



White IX

(Forum GSC x The White) x The White)


white ix | the white x the white

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6-pack, 12-pack