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Golden Soda


Golden Goat x Huckleberry Soda


Natural cannabis seeds



Golden Soda is a stellar cross of a Golden Goat mother and a Huckleberry Soda father. A while back we bred Huckleberry Soda specifically for our breeding endeavors. We used our favorite strain of all time: the legendary Black Cherry Soda, in hope that it would pass on the same desirable traits… and it did! So, we used that stud of a male to pollinate Golden Goat, which has remained one of the top 5 selling strains in Colorado for the past few years. We sourced our cut of it from a breeder who brought it with him from Kansas and bestowed this gem of a cutting on the agreement that we keep it close. For that trust are we ever so glad that we added it to our garden because it has, indeed, lived up to all the hype surrounding its name!

Golden Goat #2