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Sour Pineapple


Pineapple Express x Pink Dream


Natural cannabis seeds



We played match maker once again and introduced a couple of our shining stars to one another. Our long-time favorite Pineapple Express female (famed parent of Prism and Purple Pineapple Express) met a stellar male of our own creation: Pink Dream (father of Cherry Sprite, Strawberry Mamba, Sour Cyclone, and Purple Persuasion); where they stayed together for a few weeks time. Although both parents possess sativa-type highs, Pink Dream and Pineapple Express also have fairly hard come-downs, so we hoped that these two sativas chromosomes would combine in just the right way as to allow for a nice expansive and creative daytime-high without slamming you down hard as its effects wear off.

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6-pack, 12-pack