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Black Cherry Soda x Gorilla Biscuit


Natural cannabis seeds



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Our intention in creating Wildberry was to breed one monster indica-dominant strain. Thus, we turned to two of our very top varieties that both exhibit such traits along with an abundance of highly resinous flowers and healthy yields. We think that such a combination makes for very effective natural medicine. We chose our garden favorite Black Cherry Soda for this project’s mother. BCS is the very first strain that we ever grew, and that to this day sits atop a pedestal as our favorite strain of all time. It has lived up to the hype because it, simply, has it all. The pollen for this cross came by way of Gorilla Biscuit (from Seeds of Compassion), which in only a few years has earned our regard as one of our top garden strains because of its complex dank aroma, short stature, and for the way that it stacks greasy buds along its branches.