Our history

feminized seeds in the making | pollinated femaleWe are not new to cannabis; we are simply breeders of many NEW and unique cultivars. Here at our home of magnificent mountain vistas, lakes, and fresh crisp air, we have been, and still are known for our cannabis cuttings from which our roots first emerged. After years of considerable acquaintance with the finest cannabis cultivars around, it became a natural progression for us to evolve into the cannabis breeding industry.  Given the calcified specter of prohibition, we have had to operate quietly in the shadows for some time now. However, our seeds have found gardens in far-reaching places, wherever growers and patients pursue the cultivation of quality medicine. From such customers that have reflected their experiences back to us, we can confirm the inherent genetic quality of our seeds, giving us validation from not only these long-term customers, but from fellow cannabis breeders as well. Our customer satisfaction and the loyalty engendered by such give us humble pause.

Breeding quality genetics requires time. We reject more cultivars — no matter the hype — if it does not meet, in our humble opinions, our standards. Then, there’s the matter of stabilizing crosses — very much a quality control mandate. Many breeders might skip these methods as these add to costs. Then, there’s the desire (quick profit motivation?) of wanting to be first-to-market, for what that matters. Not us. We breed with only our tried and true, best performing varieties. We continue to pursue our breeding endeavors today with a forward thinking mindset and industry improving practices.

Our mission

Annunaki Genetics is on a mission to help seed planet Earth with world-class cannabis hybrids, subsequently helping to further sustain and advance the booming cannabis industry. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and supplying them with what we feel are some of the highest quality seeds in the industry. We accomplish this day in and day out by staying true to our core values, visions, and goals.

Our vision

It’s our vision at Annunaki Genetics to:

  • Provide the best value amongst all seed-banks.
  • Provide a safe, affordable, and reliable alternative to over-sea seed-banks.
  • Set a NEW industry standard for extensive cannabis variety information and photo documentation.
  • Set the highest standards for customer service by preserving and improving customer satisfaction by consistently delivering high-quality seeds that meet or exceed customers expectations.
  • Be one of the best in the world. If not, then why bother doing it?

What makes Annunaki Genetics different?

Purple Pineapple Express plant with beautiful fall colors

  • We have seed packs to fit any budget
  • We offer free, First-Class, 2-3 day shipping nationwide
  • We sow the seeds, hunt for phenotypes, and flower out each and every one of our own varieties in-house
  • We offer extensive cultivar information and provide photos for each phenotype we we hunt
  • We sell garden flower and vegetable seeds too!

Are you a licensed medical or recreational cannabis producer in need of  cannabis seeds? Inquire with us regarding our wholesale pricing. We are proud to serve the great demand for recreational marijuana programs in the US including Measure 2 in Alaska, Proposition 64 in California, Amendment 64 in Colorado, Question 1 in Maine, Question 4 in Massachusetts, Question 2 in Nevada, Measure 92 in Oregon, and Initiative 502 in Washington state.​ Plus the 29 states that have enacted medical marijuana laws!