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Sour Tsunami Bx (fems)


Sour Cyclone #2 x Sour Tsunami #3 (fems)


Feminized cannabis seeds



The pollen donor (‘father’) of this cross is the legendary Sour Tsunami #3, our favorite high-CBD variety of all time. Originally hailing from Southern Humboldt, Sour Tsunami #3 has been around for a decade or more. Having diesel parents (Double Diesel x Ferrari) x Sour Diesel), her growth structure reflects that, as does the aroma — a surprisingly pleasant, lime-fuel, slippery-with-terpenes funk. The Sour Tsunami #3 phenotype that we have tests regularly at a 20:1 ratio, with over 10% CBD and as little as 0.45% THC.

We crossed her with our vigorous, 2 time cannabis cup-winning Sour Cyclone female, which regularly tests between a 2:1 and 3:1 CBD:THC ratio. Considering its parentage with Sour Tsunami #3 as the maternal parent and Blue Dream a generation back on the fathers side, Sour Cyclone will outperform most any plants in the grow room just as much as it does on the judges table!

With the parents of this cross being 20:1 and 2:1, one should expect a wide range of CBD levels amongst the phenotypes. Seeds will yield mostly uniform plants with strong, sturdy branches with long internode spacing, predominantly skinny-leafed plants, and the greasiest of flowers that will overwhelm  you with syrupy sweet, dank limes. These are medium to high-CBD feminized seeds (females only).

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