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Did someone request a shorter, better structured GG4 plant? …and you want it to be pink too, you say? You got it!

Introducing Show & Tell by Annunaki Genetics…

We paired two of our favorite cannabis varieties of all time in this cross: GG4, and Huckleberry Soda. We cannot say enough good things about GG4. It’s one of the top selling cannabis varieties nationwide — and for good reason. Even still, on the very rare occasion that we hear a complaint about the Glue, it usually involves its lanky structure and sporadic out-of-control branches. So, one of our main objectives in this cross was to make a more manageable, stout GG4 plant.

We are of course suckers for any vibrantly hued cannabis plants and have always dreamed of a colorful GG4, so, naturally, our first male to come to mind was our remarkable Huckleberry Soda stud. Considering how our past crosses turned out with him we speculated a near 100% chance this cross will result in lots of color! And sure enough, we accomplished what we were hoping for, and better than we had imagined!

Show & Tell is more or less a shorter statured, more well-behaved, pink/red GG4 plant! The bud’s shape and structure are identical to GG4 AND that classic dank-onion-peppery aroma (so unique to GG4) was passed on to this cannabis variety as well. The colas are dense, heavy, and resinous, and certain phenos can turn a beautiful pink, purple, and bloody-red color with cooler temps. The effects lean toward a heavy indica-type experience with a full, and heavy body high that envelops your body within seconds. Great for soothing body and stomach aches or hangover type symptoms.

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Strain type, growth structure, vigor, flowering time, maturation rate, flower structure, pistil color, resin content, aroma profile, aroma persistence, ease of manicuring, yield, and genetics for the Show & Tell cannabis strain bred by Annunaki Genetics Seed Co.

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  1. Darren, in WA

    The second I think you’ve come up with your best you outdo yourself again. Its crazy.

  2. Miguel, in WA

    ​This hybrid SHOWS you can TELL what it takes to match cultivar traits. I’m high AF, & so delighted you have yet another winner!

  3. Jeremy, in WA

    ​Very bold aroma and flavor. Sweet, robust… Cannabis cup worthy!

  4. Jamie, in WA

    ​I enjoy running your gear. I like the structure and that’s whats important to me. My tester room is lined up with a lot of breeders who have a lot of hype and I can say without a doubt this cross (Show & Tell) is leading the pack and catching my eye so far.

  5. Dave, in CA

    “What an amazing strain! Hearty and easy to grow, she delivers fat yields in both flower and extracts. Using a Nugsmasher I pulled out a 28% return using smaller, untrimmed, popcorn buds. The phenol I have leans towards Gorilla Glue with background notes of bakery goods. The extracts retain that same flavor and aroma. Extract artists: this is the strain you are looking for!”

  6. Dave, in CA

    “We affectionately refer to this strain as “Snow & Tell”… one can clearly see why. This strain has given me the best extract yield I’ve ever had (28%), and frankly that was using exclusively bottom leafy popcorn flowers. This pheno leans heavily towards Gorilla Glue. It’s a softer, creamier aroma and flavor with notes of skunk sprayed donuts. The finished flowers are just white with glistening resin. The extracts have retained the full charm of the flowers bag appeal as well.”

  7. Joe, in CA

    “Man it is nice and chunky!!! Really came on at the end of 9 weeks, during the flush. Yields are through the roof!!! And it smokes like a kick in the face good!!!!”

  8. Nick, in WA

    “I’m running Show & Tell right now and when I walked into my room it smelled like a Crispy Creme doughnut.”

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