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Double Take (fems)


Lemon White Cake x White IX


Feminized cannabis seeds



Mother: Lemon White Cake is a plant we picked up from our good friend who has a small two-light flower garden and harvests some surprisingly nice looking buds considering. He experimented with gibberalic acid and successfully created one hell of a plant on his first try. Its parentage is Super Lemon Haze (originally selected from 60 SLH plants by our other friend) that was crossed to a Gorilla Glue #4 (reversed). We still can’t believe how amazing this plant turned out! She resembles neither parent, structurally speaking, and shockingly (considering the parents) has little aroma, if any… But my God if they are not fattest, perfectly shaped cannabis buds out there. These things are practically like baseballs indoors and covered so deeply in resin that resin-rails form. We will be keeping this one for quite some time.

‘Father’/mother: White IX, the female pollen-donor of this cross, was bred by Cannarado many years ago. We found this phenotype from seed 4 or 5 years ago ourselves and she’s been a garden stand-out ever since. The fact that we chose her for our very first feminized seed release says a lot! During our very first run though we weren’t quite sure about her because she seemed to grow kinda slow during the vegetative cycle and in flower too, but during weeks 6 through 9 she really put on quite the performance, more than compensating for the shortcomings we thought she might’ve had! Our bad. We were quick to judge and she showed us just how quick she can stack fat buds on those stocky branches of hers. The flowers continued to swell until they toppled over, paying no mind to the support stakes that were tied to them. The leaves generally remain dark green and canoe-upwards because of the resin-rails that encrust the edges of the leaves. The flowers are dense, heavy, and smothered in trichomes. And what about the aroma? She has a loud, deep, dank, pine-skunk, acetone nose… the one that so many folks are fond of. these days. The thing that is so special about her though is that unlike many OGs or Cookie varietals that grow tall and lanky, this lady keeps to herself, staying on the shorter, more compact side throughout her life, which we love. Her many highly desirable traits really shine through in this feminized cross, and others.

This is a good example of a cross that has improved on both of the parents. To start, the aroma is louder than both of them, and that’s a good thing, we think…? If one likes halitosis, that is. If ‘Grandpas Breath’ wasn’t already taken we would consider naming it that because these flowers reek like grandpas got a piece of rotting food stuck somewhere in his mouth. Yuck, but mmmm… because it’s still strangely appealing. Additionally, we have found these seeds (along with Good Heavens) to produce the most resinous plants in this line. We thought the parents had some nice resin-rails… but no. The deeply covered, trichome-laden leaves can be found on any part of this plant causing folks to do a double-take because they couldn’t believe their eyes the first time! If there is a bud site, it will produce resin-rails. Both parents do have ‘white’ in their name afterall… another double-take!

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