Shipping info

  • All seed orders will ship out via first-class mail (typically 2-3 days shipping).
  • Orders of $50 or more will ship for free! There is a $5 shipping charge for orders under $50.
  • International (Canada and United Kingdom only) bulk orders ($500+) agree to a $20 first-class international shipping fee, plus customs fees (if any).
  • We are proud to be one of the quickest seed-banks in the industry as far as shipping is concerned- packages ship out within 48 hours after payment has cleared. Many times we ship out within hours.
  • Annunaki Genetics guarantees the exterior of the packaging will be free of any company names, logos, or references to cannabis.
  • We take a photo of each order (items and packaging) so that we have proof of the condition of the packaging at time of shipping and that each item was included in the order.
  • Once shipped, we will provide a tracking number that can be tracked en route.

Shipping guarantees:  Shipping complications rarely happen, but when they do you need to be aware of the situations in which we guarantee our shipments and the situations where we do not. The most dramatic examples are listed below, but in most instances a package simply gets hung up for a few days (or more) and then ultimately makes it to the destination address, or back to the original sender (us), so that we can resend it.

  • We guarantee that your package will make it to the mailing address that you provide us when you place your order.
  • If the tracking number confirms that your order did in fact NOT make it to the location it was addressed to then we will issue you more seeds.
  • If the package does NOT make it to you because we wrote the incorrect address on the envelope then we will ship out another.

Non-guarantees: We can not be held responsible for packages that are damaged or stolen during transit.

  • If a package does not make it to a location because we were provided an incorrect mailing/shipping address we can not be held responsible.
  • If a package arrives ripped, torn, or broke open and an item(s) are stolen/missing when you receive it, we unfortunately cannot be held responsible for damage or theft after it leaves our hands. If this happens we recommend reaching out to your local postal courier.
  • If you do not receive a package for any reason, but the tracking number confirms that it did make it to the correct mailing address, then we have to assume it did, and we can not be held responsible. We recommend checking with neighbors to see if it may have ended up with them, and/or speaking to your mail courier.
  • If you receive a package and there is an item/product missing from it you must contact us via email and explain the situation, as well as attach a photo of the contents/products inside as well as the packaging.

Refunds and Cancellations

We can only accept cancellations of orders just as long as the order is still in our possession and has not yet shipped out. Once the order has been marked as shipped, a refund is not possible.

  • If you wish to cancel an order, or be partially refunded for a payment, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Annunaki Genetics’ maximum liability arising from any product sold shall not exceed the price of such product.