We discourage anyone from making a purchase from any of the persons/places listed below.

Forbidden Genetics

Forbidden Genetics ( has ripped off hundreds of folks over the years on Instagram, and continues to do so. We became involved when he started using our (AG) cannabis cultivars as the poster-child of his new scam operation. We blocked him and kindly asked him to move on.

A couple of his accounts have already been banned on IG, but he has just stepped up his game and now has his own website to rip-off more folks—>

He goes by various names on Instagram:




@forbidden_genetics (banned)


@purple_genetics (banned)  (not to be confused with Purple City Genetics)



@ifuckedyourmothership (banned)

If you have an IG account it would be in your best interest to block these pages. This guy is a career criminal. Do not purchase from him for any reason. You will not get what you paid for.

Country Shiner Boy

His instagram account is @country_shiner_boy.  This guy will offer to trade elite seeds with you (which he does have because hes made trades with legitimate breeders), but when it comes to fulfilling his side of the deal he sends unknown random seeds that are not what they’re supposed to be

Copycat Genetics

The name alone makes us cringe…

Copycat Genetics on Instagram has been selling feminized S1 seeds to customers only for those folks to find out months down the road that they’re not fems at all, and definitely not what you ordered! Funny enough though @copycat_genetics is a fake account of @therealcopycatgenetics on IG. They both claim to be the “official” so we were obliged to block them both! These are the accounts to steer clear of:

@copycatgenetics (banned)



Swollen Seeds Seedbank lists two of our CBD varieties for sale (one of which is long sold out), and both of which they do not have. For your own sake, please do not purchase from this deceptive website. It is very suspicious.

Update: Shortly after making this announcement Swollen Seeds removed our CBD seeds from their website, however there are still many indicators that this website is not legitimate. Buyer beware!

SeedKing is another one of those brand new pop ups… The seeds they list on their website just happen to be the biggest names of all time, and only those varieties… many of which are clone-only cannabis cultivars. Additionally, the photos they advertise on Instagram in no way reflect the cannabis plant they claim it is. It’d be wise to not let this website separate you from your money.