Sour Stomper F5


Grape Stomper OG x Sour Crack F5


Feminized, auto-flowering (day-neutral) cannabis seeds


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Sour Stomper is a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid which begins life growing just like an indica and maintaining a very squat profile. As soon as the flowering stage begins things get very stretchy indeed with plants becoming up to 4 times taller and fully displaying its OG background. Plenty of budding sites, low foliage density, and an open structure mean that popcorn-buds are a thing of the past as the buds maximize their growth and density. Plants grow equally well indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse.These plants reach a height of between 80 – 120 cm, yielding 120 – 150 gr/plant in 65 – 70 days from germination. It’s an incredibly resinous plant whose buds almost require no trimming. As a result it makes excellent extracts and hash. Cooler night-time temperatures will make the leaves turn shades of blue and purple; a real feast for the eyes. The aroma and flavor is grapey as you’d expect with a little funk going on too. Its effect is real feel-good; a glorious good-vibes high.

She’s in our top 3 autos ever and we’ve already planned a Bx to continue the Sour Stomper line well into the future!

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