Hazy Daze


Super Lemon Haze x White Lotus


Natural cannabis seeds



Having grown each of the parents in this cross for many years we became very fond of them, and found it appropriate — necessary even — to cross them together because of their distinct and desirable aroma profiles and growth structures. 

The Super Lemon Haze (SLH) female we have been propagating was selected from 60 SLH seeds. The aroma is stingingly lemon-sweet, and the structure:  strong, and thick; manifesting sturdy branching. 

The White Lotus male (similar to its female siblings) exudes a chocolate aroma, and shows a tendency to develop a very flexible multi-branched structure. Indeed, our chosen White Lotus male has proven to be unimposing because the progeny of this cross almost uniformly display a heavy bias of SLH genetic traits, namely, the overall structure and growth tendencies, as well as appearance and aroma.   

Expect healthy yields, loud citrus aromas, and resin covered buds aplenty! 

What is more is that we found all these phenotypes to be hardy and very easy to grow. For those looking for the original Super Lemon Haze this is a must-have because to be honest, if we didn’t have to cover payroll and other costs, we would just as soon keep them all to ourselves!

Super Lemon Haze

(Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk)



White Lotus

(The White x Snow Lotus)