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Gorilla Gang


GGlue4 x Gorilla Biscuit


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Gorilla Gang is a crossing long overdue. It was only a matter of time before these two rendezvoused. We took the most popular strain in the United States: GG4 (from Gorilla Gardens) and hit her with pollen from a potent Gorilla Biscuit (from Seeds of Compassion). Gorilla Biscuit has earned a spot as one of our all time favorite strains and has remained as a staple in our gardens for quite some time now. Call it serendipity; when we found a male that had the same growth structure as our favorite female.
Gorilla Biscuit’s aroma is so complex that the only strain in our stable of stellar varietals that rivals it could only be GG4, which in our opinion nears the pinnacle of cannabis terpene profiles. Both the Biscuit and the Glue are straight greasy, and possess an aroma that is deep, dark, and skunky with potent onion and acetone odors on the back end.
By crossing these two gorillas, we had hoped to improve on the structure of each. We think that we have succeeded with this sturdy statured, high-yielding, greasy, and stinky hybrid. Discover our Gorilla Gang phenotypes with aromas that range from caramel, to onions, to tropical fruits.



Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel



Gorilla Biscuit

Sensi Star (turpentine pheno) x Stardawg IX



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