Black Label



Obama Kush x Fornicator


15-pack of natural (regular) cannabis seeds


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One of our latest marijuana strains is Black Label. She is a back cross between our Fornicator male to our Obama Kush female. She is absolutely magnificent! In veg, she grows well. In flower, watch out! She comes on strong and seriously pounds out bud. She is not light hungry. She is not nute sensitive, and does well on moderate levels of nutrients.┬áHer color is produced genetically… This means you do not have to freeze her out to develop the deep purple that finishes her off (60 days). You can run her longer and the color only develops a deeper shade of purple and will go black!

The effects are a true hybrid. You will notice that when smoked you get a killer body buzz along with a nice head high. Black Label is one of my go to smokes when my back is killing me, or when I just want to burn a nice bowl.

We always test our breeding projects and with this batch got a 100% germination rate!

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