We are proud to introduce Seeds of Compassion: SoC (4 Dragons) has been breeding new cannabis varieties since 2002, helping to pave the way for so many others to come. He’s one of our good friends and is someone whom we admire and respect. With his extensive breeding portfolio it was a no-brainer to bring on this reputable old-school breeder!

Genuine craftsmanship with only the rarest, most exclusive genetics in the world.

“4 Dragons” first got into breeding over a decade ago. Creating strains “with a purpose” has always been the primary focus of     Seeds of Compassion. One of, if not the most important aspects of our work is that we have a goal in mind. We aren’t just throwing two sought after cuts together and releasing it for a cash grab. Each potential strain we create is analyzed from every perspective before we even begin. As an example, it took 2-3 years of suggestion and rejection before we found the perfect genetics for Gorilla Biscuit.​
In addition to the medical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of our cannabis seeds, Seeds of Compassion strives to create unique and pure, potent flavors that connoisseurs of cannabis will appreciate.

Current sales promotion for Seeds of Compassion:

To earn Seeds of Compassion GIFT seeds:

  • Purchase a Seeds of Compassion seed-pack and receive a free 5-pack of Point Break (Sour Tsunami #3 x Gorilla Biscuit) cannabis seeds, bred by SoC.


Earn 1 SoC GIFT seed-pack per order.

To receive these seeds with your order you must add them to your cart on the Soc GIFT product page.

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