Mephisto Genetics has become one of the true elite auto-flower breeders in the world and are truly changing the ruderalis cannabis scene!

We are proud to be the largest Mephisto Genetics supplier in the United States!

Current sales promotion:

-Purchase any Mephisto Genetics seed pack and receive one free 3-pack of natural, photo-period (not auto-flower) seeds, bred by Annunaki Genetics.

-Purchase $130 or more of Mephisto Genetics seeds and receive an additional free 3-pack of natural, photo-period seeds from Annunaki Genetics.

Limit 2 MG GIFT packs per order (6 seeds total). Select from the drop-down menu on the MG GIFT product page.

Unique high quality automatics bred from scratch by us!

These are the first collection of fresh automatics we developed from scratch, with projects beginning way back in 2010, and seeing first release between 2013-2015 with continual reproduction and refinement since.

We hold these strains close to our hearts and deem them as classics that still more than hold their own in the market today! Pricing is fair and the genes are strong! If you’re looking for an introduction into Mephisto life, these are a great place to start.

Our Limited Edition strains are bred as F1 feminized hybrids from pairing within our strain collections. They can be a combination of two Original strains, two Artisanal strains, or a an Original crosses to an Artisanal. These special one-offs are bred in low volume. We aim to produce enough stock to have the Limited Editions available for one year, and once sold out they are not destined to be reproduced again, so grab a pack whilst you can!

These limited Editions really appeal to the seed-collectors out there. The packaging is our favorite, with packaging inspired by Willy Wonka’s golden ticket! We always receive amazing feedback about our Limited Editions, and they prove highly popular among growers and collectors alike.
The pinnacle of our breeding work in autos today.
This collection represents our newest and most exciting work- what we see as the creme de la creme of automatic genetics in the world today. These strains are developed from our already high quality Mephisto’s Originals range, then out-crossed again to amazing quality photo-periods and worked for a minimum of 4 generations until they are fully automatic. Whatever strain(s) you pick from this collection will be sure to astound you!

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