We’ve known In-House Genetics since before In-House was In-House! We have great admiration and respect for what hes done and continues to do for the cannabis industry. He is one of the biggest names in the cannabis seed world today and has so many incredible cannabis varieties that it’d be too long to list! No other brand is putting out bigger names more consistently than In-House Genetics!

Current sales promotion for In-House Genetics:

To earn an In-House Genetics GIFT seed pack you MUST make a qualifying purchase…

  • Purchase an In-House Genetics regular seed pack and receive one free 3-pack of regular seeds (bred by In-House Genetics).
  • Purchase an In-House Genetics feminized seed pack and receive one free 3-pack of feminized seeds (bred by In-House Genetics).

Limit 2 IHG GIFT packs per order- one IHG regular pack, and one IHG feminized pack (6 seeds total).

Please select from the drop-down menu on the IHG GIFT product page.

If you qualify for 2 free GIFT packs please add them to your cart one at a time.

No pre-orders, pre-sales, or other marketing gimmicks.
​We have these seeds in stock, today!​

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