Fancy Weed is a Washington state cannabis seeds producer that has been breeding elite cannabis seeds for 10 years. As a medical marijuana patient he started collecting marijuana strains and quickly learned that keeping only the best cultivars was the way to ensure that his garden produced only top-shelf marijuana. He takes great care in his breeding processes and trialing of plants. All of Fancy Weeds cannabis seeds available here have been thoroughly tested for quality.

We are proud to be the first seed-bank to offer these seeds to the industry!

Current sales promotion for Fancy Weed:

To earn a Fancy Weed GIFT seed pack you must make a qualifying purchase:

Purchase ANY Fancy Weed seed pack and receive a

There is no limit to the number of GIFT seed packs you can earn here… Buy 10 Fancy Weed seed packs, earn 10 Fancy Weed GIFT seed packs, free!

Current sales promotion for Solfire Gardens:

To earn Fancy Weed GIFT seeds:

  • Purchase a Fancy Weed seed-pack and receive a free 10-pack of Starfighter F3 (Starfighter F2 x Starfighter F2) cannabis seeds, bred by Fancy Weed. (The GIFT seeds are sealed inside each seed pack you purchase.)


Earn 1 FW GIFT seed-pack for EACH seed pack ordered. No limit to the amount you can earn!

If you qualify for multiple GIFT packs please add them to your cart one at a time.

It’s not necessary to add these seeds to your cart, but we have the SFG GIFT product page listed here anyways just so you can see how many GIFT packs you’re stacking!

Fancyweed guarantees their seeds to your satisfaction, so please reach out to them with any questions or concerns you may have.

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