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As breeders connected to a large web of fellow breeders and growers alike, Annunaki Genetics has access to many cannabis cultivars. This allows us to run through more varieties than most and while we may turn down many of them based on the strength of our experience and craft, we also readily accept those cultivars that present us with such intriguing possibilities. Given time constraints and our focus, we simply cannot grow out all of our crosses prior to offering them, so it’s for this reason we offer these seed packs as “untested” (by us). However, a quick look at our Instagram posts, one can easily find professional growers exhibiting their experiences with our new “untested” crosses, as are showcased in the photos contained within these pages… so in that sense, some of these seeds have been germinated and run to harvest, even if Annunaki Genetics has yet to do the same. Considering the feedback we’ve received from these expert growers on such traits as vigor and yield, we offer these at an enticing value price-point as compared to the named, proven-crosses that we have both tested and adjudged as ideal for public offering. Some of these seed varieties listed here may never be available at any other time or place, so grab them while you can! Perhaps, after running these seeds yourselves, the experience might also encourage you to affix reliable, reputable, and/or trustworthy to these ‘untested’ seeds.

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