AG proven seeds

‘Proven’ cannabis seeds are seeds that have been grown out all the way through harvest by Annunaki Genetics in our own legal/medical gardens, and are verified by use of extensive record keeping, photo documentation, and cannabinoid potency testing. We consider ‘proven’ to be synonymous to the notion of being tested, workable, and dependable, meaning these seeds will grow out true to form (based on our website).

Current sales promotion for Annunaki Genetics:

  • Purchase $50 or more of any Annunak Genetics seeds and receive one free 6-pack of natural seeds, bred by Annunaki Genetics.
  • Purchase $200 or more of Annunaki Genetics seeds and receive and additional free 6-pack of natural seeds, bred by Annunaki genetics.

Limit 2 AG GIFT packs per order (12 seeds total).

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