1. I spent 4 hours this morning looking at various seedbanks online.. not one can match your exotic coloring .. your on a different level with aesthetic cannabis.

  2. I feel like I’m in a candy store.. I really can’t decideĀ  what to grab. Everything you guys are running is ridiculously beautiful. I’ve spent the last day and a half going back and forth trying to narrow this down.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to take a few minutes to write and praise Annunaki Genetics. I’ve purchased many hundreds of seeds from all over in the last years. You guys blow everyone else out of the water. The transaction is super smooth and I swear to it that my order was somehow teleported straight to my mailbox. NEVER have I received anything so quickly. I’ll be recommending Annunaki to anyone I know looking for seeds. Great job guys, you rock!

  4. Subject- Rosin production: “Annunaki strains routinely give back 26% yields. Other strains are high teens to low twenties. Just ran 3 different kinds and all returned 26%. Amazing!”

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